Finally the day of our departure has arrived, yesterday we flew back to Vietnam to meet little Le Vinh Phuc, Rosa Dao’s little brother, 18 months old next week, who is waiting for us at the Làng Thiếu Niên Thủ Đức Institute, Hồ Chí Minh.

After a very long flight we arrived in Saigon yesterday afternoon.


It rained from the moment we exit the airport until we went to bed.

We left our bags at the hotel and had a swim under the rain, then we headed out to have a massage in our favorite traditional massage parlor and then we dined at Temple Club, one of our most beloved restaurant here in Ho Chi Minh City

temple club-01

Rosa Dao fell asleep in the restaurant, it was raining so much as we left that we took a taxi to go back to our hotel. Nicola carried Dao who slept all the way until 11.30, when she walked up feeling anxious about meeting Phuc. She was up until 2.30 in the night, talking to her father about what the arrival of this little boy in the family, might bring. She says she is very happy and excited, but also a little afraid, because we don’t know him, you know? And suddenly he will be here with us forever…

It is not easy to have a pride of lions, you know?